Sunday, February 21, 2010

Green Eco Friendly Art Area

I am a big fan of recycled art. In fact those that know me well know that I am passionate about recycling and reusing materials. It is a way that I can teach the children about environmental awareness at a time of global uncertainty.
Because the environment is central to children’s health, growth and development, it is best to introduce recycled art projects to children when they are still young so that they can build life-long, environmentally-friendly habits early on and help create a healthier planet.

Designing and implementing a Green Eco Friendly art area in a preschool classroom does not need to be difficult or expensive. I first started with the basics, identifying and explaining the three R’s to children. It gives them an idea on how to distinguish three ways to reduce their ecological footprint.


My next step was to purchase several bins for the children to be able to separate paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, Styrofoam, glass, and packing materials. These were divided and put in appropriately labeled bins.

Recycled materials and objects found in our natural environments is a great alternative to mass produced art. It is what I call “Eco-Cycle Art". Since the materials are recycled the children can take and use as much as they want in their creative works. When given the opportunity to "freely” play with a wide variety of materials, they will each bring a unique personality with every art piece that is created. Since every piece is unique they can show appreciation for others art pieces

Every child can work individually, choosing materials and making decisions as to where and how exactly to put them. Their successes helps foster great self-esteem.The children are encouraged to work with patterns, color, spatial relationships, texture and cause and effect. The children will talk about the work that they are doing, and encourage language.

Great patience is needed in our part as teachers, if we are to encourage the children to develop their creative side. They do not yet have skillful control over all materials. Before I start with any activity I like to ask myself; is the art activity developmentally suitable for this age group or individual child?

"I want the kids to learn that art is a personal experience. It’s about courage; to think ones own thoughts and not look around the room, to see if you’re doing the right thing.
It’s simply all about you and expressing yourself".

This is what it is all about… for me.

Welcome to Eco-Cycle Junkie


  1. Yay! You're off to a great start. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Just found your blog via Irresistible Ideas. Looks like you and I have a lot in common. :) I love your philosophy and all your pictures! Good luck on your blog!