Friday, February 26, 2010

Salad Spinner Art

Want to share some fun and giggles with your children? This engaging idea will captivate and stimulate the children’s senses and they will thirst for more. Children love being part of the entire process when it comes to art.
A variety of developmentally appropriate materials for art does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. Is your salad spinner just collecting cobwebs and maybe taking up too much space in your cupboard? Re- purpose and use it to create a kaleidoscope of colors that will fascinate the children. Sometime back, I attended a workshop done by Lisa Murphy and my whole outlook on the salad spinner changed. I remember just wanting to get back and test it myself. Well, I was hooked from the first time that I spun the salad spinner. It has been about 7 years now and it still amazes me. Every single art piece is unique. I am the proud owner of five salad spinners!!!

Salad spinner
Washable tempera paints
Paper plates (dollar store)
Hair gel (dollar store)
A smock or apron to cover clothes

The Process:

1. Trim paper plates so that it fits inside the bottom of a salad spinner.
2. Encourage your child to drop a teaspoon of paint onto the plate.
3. Do the same with two or more colors. (We rather squirt paint)
4. Squirt some hair gel onto the plate, about one teaspoon full.
5. Put the lid onto the salad spinner and spin it!
6. When satisfied with the spinning take off lid and a magnificent work of art is done.
7. You may sprinkle some glitters onto the wet masterpiece if desired.
8. Set out to dry.

WARNING: Be sure to have enough paper plates for the children to use. One or two will not be enough.


  1. These are fantastic!

    I've never added the hair gel. What does it do for the project?

  2. This looks spectacular ... irresistible for sure!

    Can't wait to try it out.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I'd also like to know what the hair gel does???

  4. Does the hair gel set the paint and create a shiny veneer the sane way hair spray works to seal a chalk pastel painting?
    I love these! I have a salad spinner that is about to get a whole lot of love.
    I am also adding you to my blog roll!

  5. The hair gel just adds a glossy effect to the art piece. I does not work like hair spray... We love the smell and also works like a paint additive.

    Have fun:)

  6. Hi Maria,

    I tried it with my children in a portuguese kindergarden. It was fun, and the result was fantastic.
    If you want to see it, check out



  7. Hi Juca, I did visit your blog page and yes, they are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. And thank you for stopping by at Bloguefolio, Maria.

    I will come here often!

    Your ideas are great, they present a new perspective with simple materials.


  9. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog. It has given me lots of ideas for the art activities I do with children at our playgroup, and also with my own kids at home. My daughter is now addicted to salad spinner painting! I blogged our paintings at