Sunday, December 26, 2010

Loose Parts

As an educator, I consider it a privilege to foster and help cultivate creativity in all my children. I love to encourage their individual strengths that are results of their unique personalities. It is my belief that each child has talent hidden within them which is waiting to be discovered and developed.

I would like... to instill in the children that there is NO goal they cannot achieve, NO problem they cannot overcome if they learn how to apply the creative powers of their mind. Giving the children freedom to learn from their mistakes and finding ways to go around obstacles is a great way to foster Creativity. Let's not forget to keep things open-ended and leave room for individual touches.

We are now on day two of this calming and never ending project. The possibilities are endless! The children have gotten more creative, meticulous and complex with their work. We added some recycled caps to our array of loose parts. It is truly fascinating to watch the children stack and balance different small objects to create the right piece.

It is undoubtedly a great way to teach sorting, classifying and counting objects.

The children have also agreed among themselves that the art piece is only done when I get to take a picture of it, only then, can the next child take over the square white cake holder. Talk about problem solving skills and respecting!


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  1. LOVE this. I am trying to provide more of this in my Head Start classroom. Your work is an inspiration. Thnk you.