Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 365 Days a Year!

While April 22 is officially Earth Day, every day is a “green” day at Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone.

zoo gumball tree

Our entry to the recycling contest at our local zoo.

“ The Candied Gumball Tree”

Schools and businesses are pledging their commitment to all things green by promoting Earth Day (a one day event)--which takes place on April 22 and is advertised just like any other marketing holiday. You don't need a national day to be kind to Mother Earth. Their efforts to go green should be applauded, but experts stress the importance of living an Eco-friendly way every day. This is our chance to try to give back to Mother Nature that which we have so often taken away from her.

Here are ways we help our planet:

1. We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass and Reuse them for most of our art projects.

2. Plant a vegetable garden. There is nothing like planting, tending and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s good for the soul!

3. Compost food scraps.

4. Shun chemical fertilizers and weed killers.

5. Plant trees. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Trees help cut down on erosion and of course give the birds and squirrels and all tree-dwellers a comfy place to live and play.

6. Save electricity – we turn off lights when we leave the classroom. Most of the lights during the morning hours are off except for the ones above the art table. We rely on natural light flowing in. Our former President Lyndon Johnson was notorious for turning off the lights in the white house, so much so that he was nicknamed Light bulb Johnson.

7. The children help conserve water by making sure the flow of water is only as big as a crayon.

8. We make homemade paints.

9. We use items from nature, both in the classroom and outdoors for learning.

Please be proactive. Teach this lesson to your children. You can leave a tremendous legacy. You don't have to be rich to leave a good legacy. Just by doing the right thing will help us and be of assistance to the future generations.

It’s good to be GREEN!


  1. Good luck with the competition! ... I'd vote for you.
    Donna :) :)

  2. Thanks Donna:) The children are excited and can't wait to see their art displayed at the zoo.

  3. This is totally awesome! You are an inspiration---- as usual!