Friday, April 29, 2011

It Was All About Packing Paper


Brown Packing Paper Collage- Part 1

These days it is beneficial and important that children participate and understand how to help the environment by recycling. Schools need to find a way to encourage children and their families to reduce, repurpose and recycle.

Last week, as I was greeting the children upon their arrival, a very creative child came in with a pink shiny purse and a BIG smile on her face. I figured that she was excited to show me her sparkly purse. She stood right in front of me, and slowly unzipped the purse, and said, “ look what I have, I brought this paper for art”. She was showing me the packing paper that kept the purses nicely shaped at the store. I looked at her and said, “ Well,  just let me know when you feel like working on that art project. What a fantastic idea!, thank you for recycling and repurposing the packing paper”. I thought to myself, what a special moment that was, she really wasn’t  interested in showing me her brand new pink metallic purse, she was eager for me to see the paper that she had planned to create an art work with.










A few minutes later, a three year old child came out of her car, carrying a huge sack with something brown inside. She was trying to walk and hold that big plastic bag at the same time. The expression on her face was priceless…   As I opened the door she said with a very proud voice, “ I brought this for the class, we could use it for art”. I was extremely proud on how  the children looked at trash and figured out that it was best to recycle and repurpose them. 



        DSCN7035 (2)           






As classroom teachers we have the unique ability to influence and help mold a child’s mind and how they can value the world around them. Lets take the opportunity and let them learn by example, if they see the adults around them working on conservation and the three “R’s” there is a good chance that we could influence them too and they will become environmentally friendly adults.



Supplies Needed

Recycled Packing Paper or Newspaper


Collage Materials ( use objects with color, texture and shapes)


Recycled Cardboard


Plastic Tub




How to Make Collage 



Soak packing paper in water.




  Squeeze water out gently.




Spread glue all over heavy cardboard.




Arrange packing paper on cardboard.












Flatten if desired.




    To add a twist of color, squirt paint all over.
















Set out to dry. 




Add other items.

Remember layering is the KEY to collage making.















Brown Paper Collage – Part two will have the finished art works.


  1. I just so wish my daughter were in your preschool. The creative ideas on your blog are amazing.

  2. Amazing work!
    I like to tape the packing paper I get in boxes of supplies up on the walls for the kids to move to when they're done with the current activity

    I've awarded you the versatile blogger award
    check it out

  3. I think you are amazing Maria! I want to make a collage like this too!

  4. I think it's fabulous that the children have got the idea that anything can become art. You have opener their eyes to a whole new world. Not only are they finding ways to reuse and recycle, but they are able to see beauty in unexpected things. They can see the potential in even the simplest things. You have given them a wonderful gift!