Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wooden Collage


According to the dictionary, collage art is “an artistic composition made of various materials (as paper, cloth or wood) glued on a surface.” The word comes from the French word “coller,” meaning to glue or to paste. You may use any material or found objects; glue them down to produce art. It is sometimes combined with painting and other medium in a single work of art. They are also called other names: montage, assemblage, and decoupage.


It is very simple!


Using a combination of wood, glass gems, beads, crushed shells, wood shavings, and glue, the children began their artistic journey. Our wood collage art, are considerably smaller in scale, framed as a painting would be. The children were able to explore depth, color and texture.



Wood collage (22)



Wood collage (3)



Wood collage (12)



Wood collage (15)



Wood collage (8)



Wood collage (23)



SD CArdd Maria 404



Wood collage (9)



Wood collage (14)


  1. This looks very pretty, but is it a regular school glue? Is it able to hold stones and glass pieces provided that there is enough of it?

  2. Beautiful! @Raising a Happy Child - we use child's PVC glue for collages like this one.

    We did a wood collage recently as well:

  3. This also looks like a candidate for using the glue gun. I've been looking for another reason to use it.

  4. @ Scott, Nothing like squeezing the trigger and watching hot glue squirt out.