Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The ABC’s of Teaching Preschool


Congratulations to Deborah Stewart from Teach Preschool. Her very informative facebook page has now 20,000 “likes”. You are such an inspiration!

To help Deborah celebrate we are posting The ABC of Preschool.




C for Creativity


Creativity is the ability to make something unique, to envision things that don’t exist and to make common things special. Creativity is the ability to look at everyday items in new ways. Creativity is about thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining.



Ways to Encourage Creativity through Art


1. Give emphasis to the process rather than the product.


Creativity 1



Creativity 2



Creativity 3



2. Embrace unusual ideas from children.


mushrooms (2)



mushrooms (4)



mushrooms (1)



3. Provide a classroom environment that allows the young to play and explore without constant adult interference.











Rain forest


















4. Allow time to explore.


Three Month Project










5. Create an art center where children can freely discover materials on their own.








6. Provide a special area where children can explore clay.


red truck 6






Clay 2-15-2011 (9) - Copy



7. Display creative works but avoid evaluations.


dropdrop art (1)












Picture 034



8. Promote respect for the unusual.














9. Be open to live with a sense of curiosity.





Creativity 11



Creativity 9



Creativity 8



Creativity 10



10. Encourage creative problem solving in all parts of the curriculum.





Aubrie 2 (8)



wood foam building blocks (6)









Anthony salad spinner 2010 (2)



wonder (3)






magnet play 1 (17)


Congratulations Deborah Stewart


  1. Your creativity is so inspiring Maria - I am going to try to be more like you but I when I start thinking of what to do each day - I just don't have that creative mindset you have!

  2. Your space and creative activities are so inspiring. I am just starting out as a daycare provider in my area and I hope my space evolves into something as wonderful as yours. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. So Wonderful! A BEAUTIFUL post! I want to be a child in your school/classroom! What a wonderful environment! I wish all classrooms could be this colorful and creative! Thank you for all your inspiration...I know just by looking at these pictures you have sparked more creativity in me!

  4. Great post!! I just got a gazillion ideas looking at it. I want to work in your classroom. What an inspiring environment! You have such lucky students!

  5. you have such a fun space, maria. i really like how you organized your ideas around creativity -- a topic i think about ALL the time! "Display creative works but avoid evaluations" is spot-on and "embrace unusual ideas from children" should be a starting point for most art projects. Child driven activities are almost always the most successful. I can't tell you how many times we start with my idea and quickly divert to one of my daughter's.

  6. What beautiful photographs! Not only do you have an amazing, creative classroom but you are a super photographer too! I love the colors!
    Vanessa @Pre-K Pages

  7. I found your blog via the ABC's and I just HAVE to comment and say I am in COMPLETE AWE of your classroom. It is, without a doubt, my dream space! How could you walk into a room like that and not want to get right to playing and exploring? I'm a new teacher and it's blowing my mind - I feel like it's going to take me AGES to collect a large enough collection of interesting materials to support an environment like that! Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a visual treat!! So jealous of the beautiful work space. It is so aesthetically done that it is pure art just for any age!

    PS:even the word verification came up as 'Khakied' ...:)

  9. What a wonderful post, I look forward to referring to it often, and sitting back and taking in all the colors, combinations and ideas your children's work and play show in these photos.

  10. i love your use of so many natural materials... the wood, the rocks, the moss... it's all so beautiful!

  11. Wow! I am in awe of your setting. It is totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures- so much to see. :-)

  12. Oh Maria, I would just love to spend a day in your preschool exploring. Your images are truely beautiful.

  13. How PERFECT that you would choose 'C' for creativity Maria. You are just the most creative person I've met ... I MEAN ... You are just the most creative person I've NEVER met! :(
    Donna :) :)

  14. Maria, I loved this post so much that I took the liberty to translate into portuguese language, and share it with my friends educators on Facebook.
    Thank you for the fantastic ideas you share.
    Keep up your creativity, it inspires me.

  15. I actually love this one! You have put a space for your kids to explore the wonderful world of arts and science and I am pretty sure that your kids will grow and become intelligent adults.

    Toy stores

  16. I love the space you have provided for the children! Wonderful! I have just opened my own centre, and I have a great deal of envy towards your space. My space has so much potential, but the feel of your centre is were my vision is for it to go! I was wondering how you attached the CD's to the wall. I found a large stash of CD's in my 'stuff' and I thought your use is very brilliant!

  17. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! I WANT TO BE A CHILD THAT EXPLORES THIS CLASSROOM. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF HOW BEAUTIFUL RECYCLED MATERIALS CAN BE AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT BREATH TAKING! I had to tell you in caps because I am in love with this classroom. You should definitely post more and more and more