Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sensational Colors

Color is OUR favorite thing about art. Color is the ultimate best way to catch anyone’s interest, and young children are the best example to demonstrate this fact. Colors tell a story in a very effective way because they generate a personal emotional reaction from the artist and the viewer.




IMG_4901 (2)


Color, never stays constant. It changes depending on the amount and the type of light in the immediate environment.

Colors in the garden are different in the morning than early evening hours, when the sun is setting. In the classrooms colors look different under florescent lights, incandescent bulbs, and natural light streaming through windows. Incandescent bulbs bring out a much warmer color compared to the cooler tones of the florescent lights.




IMG_4922 (2)


IMG_4928 (2)


Encouraging young children to paint daily gives them the much needed edge  in understanding the importance of color harmony.






It is a gift that will continue throughout childhood and beyond.


IMG_4957 (2)