Friday, July 14, 2017

Fizzy Art Experiment

Combine Art and Science at the same time by using ingredients that can be found in your kitchen or are very cheap to purchase.

This activity was very appealing for children.

Here is what you will need to set up this fizzing art experiment:

Baking soda
White Vinegar
Liquid Watercolors or Food Coloring
Small glass or Plastic Container
Tray, Cookie Sheet, or Tin Baking Pan. Preferably, one for each child.
Eye Dropper or Pipettes


1.Give each child a tray.
2. Encourage the child to empty a box of Baking soda in the tray.
3. Fill each  small glass or plastic container with vinegar.
4. Add Liquid Watercolors or food coloring to the vinegar.
5.Use an eyedropper or pipette to drop the colored vinegar onto the tray with Baking soda.

You can follow the linl below to purchase liquid watercolors.

Friday, October 28, 2016

ECO-Cycle Styrofoam Sculptures

The children got really creative working with re-purposed Styrofoam. 
They created these colorful "This Is Me" sculptures. 

We hope to inspire you to turn everyday trash into artistic treasures!

My dog Alina

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vintage Foil Rubbings

Children will have a ball working with these textured rubbings made with Aluminum foil.

 A very simple and child friendly art project.

Step By Step Instructions 

  1. Place rubbing object on a thick cardboard. Tape it down if necessary to prevent it from moving.
  2. Tear and place the dull side of the Aluminum foil so it fully covers one side of the cardboard. I suggest using the heavy duty foil. Folds over the back, place a piece of tape on the back to secure it down. This will help in from shifting around. Remember, it will difficult to place it back where it was originally.
  3. Rub down with a cloth or fingers to reveal the outline shapes.
  4. Now, the children are ready to rub down different colors of ink pads or stamp pads over the embossed design. We used permanent ink pads. 
  5. While the art piece is still wet, spray it all over with hair spray. The chemical reaction helps give it that vintage look.

The children really enjoyed this new experience.