Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flat Yarn Drawing


yarn painting (15)

Get out your yarn and encourage your children to draw with them and use their imagination. This activity is great for all ages and abilities.



I gave each child a strand of yarn and a white piece of cardboard. I asked the children to lay the cardboard on the floor and explained that this was going to be their very own canvas. 

I drew simple shapes on index cards and showed them to the children. I encouraged them to use the strand of yarn to draw the shape they saw on the card. I started with simple shapes and lines and moved on to more complex shapes.


These  are the children's interpretation of what they saw.


Triangle Shape



2014-02-12 09.56.47


2014-02-12 09.56.58


2014-02-12 09.56.52




Oval Shape

download (2)


2014-02-12 10.06.55


2014-02-12 10.07.05


2014-02-12 10.07.36






2014-02-12 10.02.55


2014-02-12 10.05.05


2014-02-12 10.05.45


2014-02-12 10.07.57



Wavy Line

download (1)


2014-02-12 09.59.11


2014-02-12 09.59.21



As they progressed, I asked them to draw what ever they liked.


A Yummy Ice Cream Cone

2014-02-12 10.07.49


That’s Me Sitting on The Floor.

2014-02-12 10.09.14



2014-02-12 10.12.03



A Bad Snake with a Big Head.

2014-02-12 10.10.04



A Rainbow

2014-02-12 10.12.48



The children made adaptations and modifications to suit their creative needs. They gathered three dimensional objects to add to their drawings.


2014-02-12 10.18.29


2014-02-12 10.20.16


yarn painting (3)


yarn painting (8)


yarn painting (11)


yarn painting (13)


yarn painting (14)


yarn painting (4)


yarn painting (9)


yarn painting (15)


yarn painting (16)


yarn painting (17)


  1. Great looking work. I'm curious how this got started? Was there any inspiration from the children's own play? The latter ones remind me of Beautiful Stuff! Are you familiar?

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