Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nylon Loop Weaving

Fiber art includes any type of artwork which uses fibers - as a major material. It may consist of textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural and synthetic fibers. It is a ART FORM, such as weaving, twining, knotting, sewing, felting, appliqué and embroidery.



fiber art (1)




fiber art (2)




Here are some discoveries made by the children:

“The loops are all soft and fluffy.”

“The thinner loops stretch really well. The wider loops don’t stretch as good.”

“The smaller loops, bend the cardboard square.” and “Don’t use the smallest loops.”

“The brown is super stretchy.”

“It looks like a pot holder, but you really can’t use them.”



Words used:

Over, under, back, front, weave, pattern, nylon.




fiber art (3)




fiber art




fiber art 2




fiber art wall




We used Capri Sun Juice boxes brought in by the children and cut them into small squares.

The long tube is a wrapping paper tube.

Rounded cardboards are cup holder trays, cut up.

Not sure what those metal spider web looking things are, found them at our local recycling center.


  1. I love all the weaving ideas here! The metal spider web looking things are wonderful!

  2. Thanks Deborah:)Those metal spider looking things are also great for beading. Pony beads fit in just right.I found six of them, and never seen them again :(