Monday, July 11, 2011

An Atmosphere for Creativity

According to psychologist Alan Bowd of Canada’s Lakehead University, children need to foster thinking skills such as these to encourage creativity:


  • Fluency -- produce many responses to an open-ended question or problem.
  • Flexibility -- generate unconventional ideas and view situations from different perspectives.
  • Originality -- produce unique, unusual, or novel responses.
  • Elaboration -- add rich detail to ideas.
  • Visualization -- imagine and mentally manipulate images and ideas.
  • Transformation -- change one thing or idea into another to see new meanings, applications, and implications.
  • Synthesis -- combine parts into a coherent whole.


DSC08707 - Copy


In a mentally playful environment, loose parts are the key for creative play. With them, children learn to construct, take turns, knock down, plan and start all over again.






















DSC08704 - Copy




DSC08713 - Copy




DSC08718 - Copy (288063525)




DSC08726 - Copy




DSC08724 - Copy (288146029)



DSC08743 - Copy








DSC08733 (2) - Copy



DSC08735 - Copy



DSC08745 - Copy (288338709)



DSC08752 - Copy



Bring out those safe, durable and functional loose parts, send a message that they are able to make choices and take risks.

Learning should be FUN!




  1. Wow, really impressed with your blog, so glad to have found it via Facebook :)

  2. So happy I found you! Kindred spirits! May I ask where you found the colorful cylinders?

  3. Maria, I'm a huge proponent of loose parts too! I just built a make-shift light table, and I'm excited to see what we can do with it. Where did you find those lovely colorful translucent pieces?

  4. I think you've created an atmosphere for magic as well... :)

  5. Maria, did you mention before where you purchased the acrylic tile samples? I had it bookmarked but IT came and reformatted my computer and I lost a lot of good stuff.

  6. Hello
    Do you mind sharing with me the name of Alan Bowd's book from where the reference was taken? I would like to read the book. I have research it but I couldn't find it. Thank you !