Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finger Painting Fun- Part Two


Some Tips on How to Safely Store and Handle Finger Paints

  • Pay attention to the labels- They offer essential information on the product. Labels will let you know whether you are using the product incorrectly.
  • Always provide proper supervision when children are using materials that could be swallowed.
  • It is always best to store paints in its original container. Finger paints can sometimes get contaminated with molds and bacteria, which may create a foul odor. When in doubt, throw it away!
  • Use only the amount of finger paints needed for that particular art project. I would suggest never returning the unused paints to the original container. This can cause the product to get contaminated and go bad.
  • To prevent such contamination, I prefer to use individual spoons for each color. I suggest taking what the children need and put them into smaller individual containers. Baby food jars work great!
  • Please do not dilute the paints with water. Some finger paints are lumpier than the others. The pudding like texture is what makes it easier to smear all  over the paper.

  • Assist the children in scrubbing their arms, hands, and faces after they are done painting. Usually finger paints wash off easily.     



Step back, facilitate, and let the children explore freely!

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