Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink, Blue or Maybe Green Water

After I got done reading Teachers Toms blog on “The Power And Joy Of Being Water” I realized how lucky some of us are. We are able to give children time to play and learn without having to constantly disrupt by pointing out exactly what they are doing and what they are suppose to be learning. I personally would be a horrible teacher if I had to follow a rigid set curriculum, I prefer to stand back and at times and help out with conflict and new discoveries. The best part of my job is having the opportunity to play every single day!

One of my fondest memories growing up in the Philippines was playing with rain water. I would splash and slide on the grass knowing that the best part was yet to come. Our yard sloped down and I would pray and hope that it would rain hard enough so that the lower part of the yard would flood knee deep. As I look back I think the best moment of the entire experience was that my mother simply allowed me, to just be.

Picture 021

Picture 025

Picture 032

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to start Casa Maria; I had dreams of buying those beautiful and highly expensive water tables. Frustration would set in at times because I couldn’t purchase items that the children needed for learning. I decided to buy inexpensive plastic tubs and used them for water play. Honestly, the children didn’t care! All that mattered was that they were playing with water and were given the opportunity to just be.

pirple water (2)

pirple water (3)

pirple water (5)

pirple water

We love to change our water colors quiet often; it has become a ritual now. Can you just imagine how delightful and thrilling it feels to be able to pick a color or even mix up your own colored water?

Yellow water 1

yellow water 3

yellow water 10

Picture 125

yellow water 8

pink water 1

pink water 3

pink water 5

Allowing children the to take rocks, shells, plastic animals and sand in the water makes their play experience more exciting.

blue water 3

frogs (2)

frogs (3)

frogs (8)

frogs (9)

Blue water 2

frogs (10)

blue water 4

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