Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stinky Squid

Yesterday, the children decided to play with some squishy squid toys that we had in our science center. It has been a while since they laid their hands on them. While I was getting the ingredients ready for our Chinese New Year lunch, I overheard the children discussing some facts about the squid. I never felt so excited before knowing that I had six medium size squid in my refrigerator, just waiting to be cooked for supper. I finally could not contain myself anymore and told the children that I would bring out a real squid for them to experiment with. They wanted to know if it was alive and did they have to pick it up? I reassured them that it was not alive and they didn’t have to pick it up. I guess our Chinese lunch took second place to the squid. None of the children have seen a fresh squid up-close before. What a great learning experience!

Right after nap time the children were so eager to see the now famous squid. As I laid it on the table they all looked at me with a strange smile and said, “It smells stinky!” I explained to them that seafood sometimes has a different smell to it. I showed them all the different parts of the squid and encouraged them to get magnifying glasses to look at it. I am so glad that I was able to share a new experience with all my children. As teachers we do have to take advantage of moments like this. You will never know when it will arise again.


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